Amy H.

In July, I went for my first workout session with Brianne since having my daughter this past January. I had not gone to work out since getting pregnant and she is now 6 months old! I have been attending physio therapy for the past several months and now wanted to put all my hard work into action; however, I did not know where to start. I have always been an active person, my profession is a physically demanding profession, and I have always enjoyed sports and physical activities. However, when it came time for me to get back into shape, I was at a loss as to where to start. I have been told by many people what not to do post-partum and that killed my confidence and excitement to want to start trying a work-out routine.

Then I heard that Brianne specialized in pre and post-natal work outs. I knew I had to go see her even for a tip or two on where to get started. Now I’m hooked and I scheduled a second session with her the very next day!

The work out was amazing. It was challenging and met my ability level (like I said I had not worked out since getting pregnant!). I was tired by the end and knew I would feel the ‘work out burn’ the next day! Brianne is extremely personable, knowledgeable and customized my work out according to my capabilities. She constantly provided tips on posture improvement and breathing techniques while doing an exercise. I am very excited to have started my journey with Brianne and I am now hopeful my workouts can return to the level they were before children.

Kriska Bodnar

Highly recommended. I've recommended her to few of my friends as she's very knowledgeable about postnatal. I was very impressed and I thought I knew enough but she taught me more regarding my body after baby and the variety of workout that is to my advantage. 


I am still working full time and have 3 wonderful but busy grandchildren that I adore and want to keep up with so prior to retirement I needed to learn (keep learning keeps you young) how to organize exercise into my routine differently to stay healthy and active but do it smarter than I was certainly more consistently.

Brianne was able to help me to move more and enjoy it and more safely as I am getting older and don't want to hurt myself! I do sometimes find it hard to do a structured workout after a long day or sometimes I just didn't want to,

I was not wanting to join a GYM! Not my thing.

A few stress free sessions really helped me realize it does not have to be something to endure but rather enjoy! I may just continue as this is a good fit for me now and my life and a few friends  are joining me now so it is also fun to do with friends in a small group because at my age we do laugh at ourselves!

Oh and by the way its helping my golf game too!